Sunday, August 28, 2016 and Gracie

We're back!!  This is our first post in many, many years.  Our pack has grown more than a little bit, we can hardly wait to share all of our adventures.  This is our first post featuring Grace Kelly.  Gracie is 5 months old, and she came from a terrible, stinkin' rotten, puppy mill. We will share Gracie's story, and many others, in future posts.  Right now, she's here to help with a featured product. 

"These are treats, right?" 
Sorry Gracie...we're featuring Frisco
Unscented Dog Waste Bags

Wow! Two dispensers, and lots and lots of
waste bags!

The dispenser hooks on your leash effortlessly, too!

Where are you off too, Gracie? Hey!
Wait! We're trying to show off this new

Good girl! The box says it all...Thank you

By the way, it's good to be back.  We missed you!  <3 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Directions: Feed As A Treat

Another month, another goodie surprise for our pups!  It seems that the little leprechaun at thought that Humphrey and Brando deserved more treats!  This months mouth-watering munchies were called Sojos®.  They are a natural and healthy snack for your favorite pooch.  While they come in a variety of flavors, the leprechaun chose to send our boys the lamb and sweet potato flavored.  While the dogs enjoying the flavor, we humans were enjoying the fact that Sojos® doesn't use any ingredient that aren't pure and simple.  Their treats are made or real meats and peanut butter or strawberries, not extra hydrogenated moogie-moogies.  Their treats are also grain and gluten free, making then gentle on grain sensitive tummies.  It is also nice to not have to worry about artificial coloring or flavors, or unnecessary calories being added. (Humphrey has a tendency to pack on the pounds if we don't watch carefully.  Shhhh! Don't tell him!!!)  While Humphrey crunched and munched his way to happiness, Brando was impressed by the packaging.  He thought that the cute yellow and brown box made the treats look even more appealing.  Our dogs decided that the leprechaun made an excellent choice sending Sojos® treats, after that we didn't hear another peep from them. sent yet another perfectly packaged box.  Hooray for no broken biscuits!  Their website has every possible pet need.  On their site you will find the necessary, the frivolous, and the I-didn't-know-I-needed-that-but-I-do items.  Brando says you shouldn't even finish reading this because you're missing out on the fun! So click the link instead!
       For those who've not taken Brando's good advice, we hope that all our fur friends have a fantastic March, a fun (and safe) Mardi Gras and St. Paddy's Day.  The pups would also like to thank Mr. Chewy again for letting us take part in his taste-testing project.
Now, click the link-- --you know you want to and you won't regret it!
"Thank you, Mr. Chewy!!!"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Note About What Happened

A year ago, we made a very short move from our adorable home in New Mexico to Colorado.  We moved for what was supposed to be a better opportunity.  Never found it. 

Let me begin by saying we never found a house.  We found a place to live, it just wasn't your conventional living arrangement. 

Back up to June 2012.....We found a house to rent in a far away town.  A horse property with room for the dogs, so we thought.  The landlord was to live on the same property, but would never bother us.  That was mistake #1.  Never live on the same property as your landlord.  She was a pain, and the dogs ended up having to be leashed all the time, including indoors.  Not only was she a pain, but people in the town acted funny towards us, almost like they hated us.  We didn't know a soul in this town, never crossed a path with anybody.  After a week of living in this tight farm community, we discovered why we were the enemy...."How could you rent from him?!  How could you do it?!"  We were having our phone line put in.  I had no idea what the phone guy was talking about.  Besides, there wasn't a male present on the property.  Only the woman we rented from.  I told the phone guy, "Ok, I have no clue what you're talking about."  He proceeded to tell me the story of how the property owner scammed the town out of $3.9 million dollars.  He had spent the residents retirement funds in an investment scam. This person is now in jail for the rest of his life.  The phone guy did apologize as he thought we were part of the family of this felon.  As soon as the phone guy left, I called my hubby at work.  A quick trip on Google, and sure enough the story was true.  Oh my, what had we done.  A week later, a government vehicle pulled up in our gravel drive.  As she nervously flipped her ID in my face, there was a pit in my stomach.  She hurled out questions about the landlord, the house, the property, how we found the house, etc. All the while keeping her eyes on the landlords house.  A month, and a huge fight later, we were outta there. 

We were lost.  We didn't know what to do.  Next housing plan?  Living in a tent at the KOA.  We looked for housing all day, and well into the night.  Everything turned out to be a scam or worse.  30+ days of living in a tent, and worrying about the cold nights that were just around the corner was wearing on us.  We had to find a house.  Finally, we found house #2.  This was the biggest scam.  The landlord refused to leave the property.  You're probably asking yourself, "What does that mean?"  Exactly that!  He wouldn't leave! We gave him the rent, and deposit.  Day and night he was there.  He even broke into the house one night while we were grocery shopping.  Mistake #2  Make sure your landlord LEAVES!!!  He turned out to be a drug user.  Humphrey hated him from day one.  We knew better.  Animals are excellent when it comes to judging a humans character.  We just kept asking, "What's wrong with Humphrey?!"  Growling, and barking, were not his style.  Mistake #3  ALWAYS listen to your four legged companion.  Three calls to the police, one trip to the ER for panic attacks after a death threat by the neighbors ("We'll burn down the house with you in it."), and a month later, we were living in a tent....again. 

The KOA is a pretty nice place. They house not just tent campers, they are a host to many RV's.  One night, my husband looked at me and said the magical words, "Its a shame we can't get an RV."  That's what we did.  We weren't ready for another house.   Our children, and the pups, had been put through way too much.  We couldn't afford anymore scams.  (In the middle of all this we lost Cleo and our girl Rosie, too.)  We were done!  Toasty!  Flip us over, and cook the other side!! 

The RV.  We gave it a name, Harvey.  Harvey was not one of these new $200,000 RV's.  What was Harvey?  Harvey was a way to survive.  Ugly as all get out, but he ran.  Harvey was a 1973 Dreamliner.  Yes, 1973!  Don't let the name fool you....Harvey was not a Dream by any means!  Leaky roof, brake problems, NO electricity, NO stove, NO hot water, NO refrigerator.  Harvey saved us, and the pups.  Harvey withstood the coldest winter the Western Slope had in 30 years.  Did I tell you Harvey DID NOT have heat?  We broke several space heaters trying to stay warm.   Let's take a moment to discuss the sleeping arrangements Harvey had to offer.  Our older boys slept in the top bunk area above the drivers seat, our daughter slept in the bed area (which was also the kitchen table) in the rear of the RV, our youngest son slept on a mattress on the floor with us.  (He has to sleep on the floor due to his epilepsy).   Brrr....just thinking about it makes me feel cold! 

Harvey could not be housed at the KOA.  He was too old.  We lived in a mobile home/RV park.  At times, we lived with a rough crowd.  The police making arrests was not an uncommon event.  We also made many friends.  People with stories the same as ours.  Stranded, trapped, homeless, tent sleepers.  All with beloved animals.

After the harsh winter, we thawed ourselves out, picked up the pieces, and made a plan.  A plan to GET OUT!!  PERMANENTLY!!  We spent many nights at McDonald's drawing up a vision board.  It gave us focus, and a plan.  We looked at it often.  It gave us hope, and direction.  It worked.
We are living in a wonderful home with an acre of property in New Mexico.  It's perfect.  The boys can play, and the pups run along side the wind.  We've picked up a few new critters, too.  This place has a name, too.  Hollywood Ranch.  More on that later. 

Thank you to everyone that sent us emails, and comments regarding our whereabouts.  We couldn't answer.  Harvey didn't have Internet either.  We're lucky to have such wonderful friends.   We'd like to start a new chapter of our lives, and we hope you'll continue to join us.  Let's begin now!

Introducing our newest pup. He joined our family around Christmas.  His name?  Spencer Tracy. 

Humphrey Bogart and pup Spencer Tracy


Side view of Harvey

We'd like to add that we decided to sell Harvey.  He went to help another stranded family.  They had been living in a tent, just like us the year prior.  Good luck Harvey!  We miss you!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's A Sunny Day!

"Humphrey who?!?!! Who's this girl?!"
"Let's play ball!"
Please join us in welcoming our newest addition!
                                           Name: Sundance  A.K.A. Sunny
                                           Weight:  42 lbs.
                                           Gotcha Date: October 31, 2012
                                           Breed:  Pointer
                                           Pick up from the shelter time: 2:30 p.m.

                                           Her story:  Found roaming in a field with a Bearded Collie. 
                                                              Has spent the last few months at our local
                                                              shelter waiting for her furever home.
By the way, she's AMAZING!  She can sit, come, fetch, heel on a loose leash, and give great big huge smoochies!!!  We've been visitng her at the shelter for a few weeks, we couldn't take her home sooner due to the rules the shelter has.  She required a vet visit we couldn't get any sooner than Oct 31st.  We've enjoyed the time at the shelter with Sunny.  It's given us a chance to get know her rather than rushing her into the pack. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sit 'n Stay in the Saddle with Brando and Bogart

We are very excited to introduce our newest blog.  Sit 'n Stay in the Saddle with Brando and Bogart will be about our travels in the west, and will include a soon to be new member of our family, a horse!  The pups have had a little experience with equine, so we've been reading up, and talking to animal handlers about the proper way to adapt them to our newest four legged family member.  This adventure has also been slow in the making to insure the safety of our children.  We want to make sure we have a perfect match all the way around.

We've also been trying to find things to do that we couldn't or hadn't done in Chicago or Albuquerque.  One of those things is to apply for a livestock brand.  Dont worry!  Nobody around here is getting branded, we hope to use it as a family logo.  There are so many wonderful brands.  They stand out proudly on the sides of ranch homes, on farm vehicles, or hang on handmade copper cut-outs at the entrance of a property.  Our brand is still in the approval stage.  Our daughter sketched a pup that looks like a Cavalier for our brand.  All fingers and paws crossed it will be approved, and as soon as it is, we'll post it here first!

Get along lil' doggies (and kitty friends too!) please join us at Sit 'n Stay in the Saddle with Brando and Bogart.

P.S.  We'd like to thank everyone for the kind words during our very awful relocation (Thank you Hawk BrownDog that's the perfect word!!!).  My Dogs Love Me even made me cry.  (Good tears!)Some of our friends have been asking what's been going on with the nightmare that won't go away, honestly, we've been trying to avoid the whole thing.  Since this relocation is not going away for a while, we'll share the horror story as our next post.  Thank you again, each and everyone of you means the world to us!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gotta Go!

"Hey!  Where are you headed little buddy?"

"Brando!  Help!!  I don't have

"Brando....are you still here?!  Oh..dear!"
"The frog was right here!  I
saw it Humphrey!  I think
this is the spot...."